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Monday 30. April, 2012, 15:56 Age: 3 Year(s)

New, Optimized Automatic Control Module Now Available from GEA Tuchenhagen

Our customers spoke and GEA Tuchenhagen listened. The development of the new T.VIS® A-8 control module focused on the requirements and wishes of our customers in the liquid processing industry. With the same safe and reliable monitoring and control of all functions of process valves as the original T.VIS® A-7, the new A-8 offers significant advantages which are instantly reflected in a lower total cost of ownership.

GEA Tuchenhagen products are well-known for their modularity. Similarly, the new T.VIS® A-8 can be retrofitted to all our process valves. Depending on selection of components (e.g. LEDS, solenoid valves), it is possible to reduce energy consumption 20-40% less than comparable control modules on the market. Low energy consumption means the T.VIS® A-8 contributes to reducing your operating costs.

Currently available with a 24 V DC or AS-Interface, the T.VIS® A-8 will also be available with DeviceNet later this year. A laptop or handheld programmable tool is not needed – all functions can be configured with the use of two push-buttons.

Advantages of the new GEA Tuchenhagen T.VIS® A-8 include:

  • No need to open the control top for calibration
  • Fast, automatic, and straightforward initial calibration and setup
  • No valve specific information needed for setup
  • No manual adjustments needed on feedback switches
  • Compact with 360° visible indication of ALL valve functions
  • Customer-specific LED indication
  • Ease of maintenance – it is never necessary to open the cap
  • Fits and retrofits to all GEA Tuchenhagen valve types
  • Uses 20-40% less electric power than comparable products on the market
  • Solenoid valves protected by replaceable filters  in the control air supply line
  • Adjustment of switching times of process valves by optional supply and exhaust needle valves
  • Significant reduction of operating costs, e.g. due to optimized LEFF® (low emission flip flop) function, which results in up to more than 70% savings in water and chemical consumption during mixproof valve seat cleaning