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Thursday 17. November, 2011, 21:56 Age: 4 Year(s)

Mixproof Butterfly Valves Now Available

with manual actuator

with pneumatic actuator

GEA Tuchenhagen completes its range of butterfly valves with the addition of the T-smart mixproof butterfly valve. This valve (available with manual or pneumatic actuation) is highly functional, CIP/CIP compatible, easy to maintain and reliably safe in the production process.

Product features include a compact design with integral flange, easy cleanability of the leakage cavity and the valve disc due to its hygienic design, high-grade surface finish and low switching losses due to the extremely small leakage cavity. Two leakage connections allow for leakage indication and leakage cavity flushing when needed.

T-smart mixproof butterfly valves are versatile and suitable for separation of dissimilar liquids in various applications, such as:

  • CIP systems, for separating CIP media
  • Flush-out processes
  • Water management
  • CIP/gas management (breweries)
  • At storage tanks for separating product/CIP
  • CIP return valve in a valve matrix


Sealing material used is EPDM (in conformance with FDA standards), the wafer has a low switching moment, is low wear and vacuum resistant. T-smart mixproof butterfly valves are available in sizes DN 50 – DN 100 and 2"OD – 4"OD, with either manual or pneumatic actuators.