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GEA Tuchenhagen North America
International Dairy Show/Process Expo 09 15 2015 - 09 18 2015
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hall South
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Customer Applications

Check out how our customers are implementing GEA Tuchenhagen components and technology.


How do you clean a flour silo?

In this practical example, the development of an effective cleaning technology for a flour silo involved applying the different available cleaners and cleaning methods to ensure optimized hygiene. Read more.


New vaccine production fit today for future demands - using VESTA® sterile valves!

It is not without reason that the planning and implementation of production lines for the pharmaceutical industry is regarded as the supreme discipline of plant engineering. The challenges are – just to name a few examples – to satisfy the most stringent of hygiene requirements, deal with confined spaces and at the same time provide ease of maintenance when designing the plant. Read more.


Household cleaner division looked to reduce production downtime

During a routine meeting, an existing Canadian customer noted they always encountered - what they felt was - premature failure on diaphragm valves in their filler applications, costing the company in time, money and product loss from downtime. Read more.