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GEA Tuchenhagen North America
Fuel Ethanol Workshop 06 01 2015 - 06 04 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Introducing the all new 24/7 PMO Valve® 2.0

What is PMO 2.0?

PMO 2.0, the next generation of 24/7 PMO Valve®, is here from GEA Tuchenhagen, and it’s a must-have for the modern dairy. With all the benefi ts of the original and best 24/7 PMO Valve®, the 2.0 version now comes in a smaller package, meaning superior technology that is lighter and provides even greater cost- and production-efficiencies.



  • ALWAYS SAFE: proven design and performance with all valve seats detectable
    As proven by rigorous testing in a third party US lab, regardless of whether there are seat seals in the valve or not, or if the seat seals are damaged, there is no chance or CIP ever contaminating the product. This is because the smart design of the PMO 2.0 valve generates a natural vacuum in the vent cavity during seat lifting, as well as ensures that no CIP liquid will ever impinge on the opposite seat. This is all accomplished without the use of any additional complex parts or deflector plates. In addition, ALL valve seats are position detectable – meaning it is able to be fully monitored for maximum safety.
  • COMPACT: 2.0 valves are lighter and smaller
    Up to 49% lighter than the original line of 24/7 PMO Valves®. Lighter valves make for safer and easier installation.
  • HYGENIC: completely uncluttered cavity and easy to clean
    A very simple two-seat design with an open and unrestricted cavity area – no gaps or deadlegs – makes this valve easy to clean, even for viscous products such as yogurt.
  • INTELLIGENT: fully automated setup, no need to ever open our T.VIS® A-8 control module
    GEA Tuchenhagen's T.VIS® A-8 control module is installed with minimal effort, features a fully automatic setup – eliminating the need for manual switch adjustments and potential operator error – has a very low energy consumption.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: fewer gaskets and no complex spare parts
    Fewer gaskets and parts greatly reduce valve maintenance time and complexity.
    With a more compact and simpler design, the 24/7 PMO Valve® 2.0 offers a faster return on their investment to dairy processors than before. In addition, there is up to 45% reduction in CIP losses during cleaning, greatly reducing water and chemical costs.


For more information, download the brochure.