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GEA Tuchenhagen North America
PACK Expo 11 02 2014 - 11 05 2014
Chicago, IL, USA
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Product Recovery Systems VARICOVER® according to 3A

The advantages at a glance:

  • Pocket-free and CIP-/SIP-able
  • Cost savings due to reduced waste water load
  • Reduced consumption of CIP chemicals and water
  • Easy to maintain and assemble
  • Conforms to new 3A Standard

Video: Product Recovery System according to 3A

The 24/7 PMO Valve® 2.0

With all of the benefits of the original 24/7 PMO Valve®, the 2.0 version now comes in a smaller package, meaning superior technology that is lighter and provides even greater cost- and production-efficiencies.

Business lines of GEA Flow Components:

Aseptic Valve Technology: GEA Aseptomag
Hygienic Valve Technology: GEA Tuchenhagen
Cleaning Technology: GEA Breconcherry

INSIDER 01/14 - Take 4 make 1

The GEA Flow Components customer magazine

Click the magazine to view it in a full size display.

Successes of our Service Department

The GEA Flow Components Service Department provides both knowledge and experience for optimizing and extending the life of your processing equipment.

We have service technicians located across the U.S. so we can provide service wherever you are.

Read more about the success of our Service Department here.