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Fuel Ethanol Workshop 06 01 2015 - 06 04 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Product Recovery Systems VARICOVER® according to 3A

Recover the value, reduce the waste

Product Recovery Systems are used for the recovery of valuable products from pipe systems. Therefore, they optimize the economic efficiency of production plants. The VARICOVER® Product Recovery System has been redesigned according to the new 3A standard for use in the US beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The new design has implemented a more user friendly assembly and adjusting of all position sensors.

Video: Product Recovery System according to 3A

The advantages at a glance:

  • Pocket-free and CIP-/SIP-able
  • Cost savings due to reduced waste water load
  • Reduced consumption of CIP chemicals and water
  • Easy to maintain and assemble
  • Conforms to new 3A Standard

The following components meet the 3A Standard:

  • Pig Cleaning Station MST 3A
  • Pig Stopper 3A
  • Molchfangrohr 3A
  • Molch-T-Stück 3A
  • Pigs in Silicone and FKM

Pig Cleaning Station MST 3A

Product Recovery Station MST

Product Recovery Station MST

The Pig Cleaning Station MST 3A is designed according to the new 3A standard. A newly constructed plastic actuator makes the adjustment of its position sensors even easier.


The 3A conforming construction includes a new and easy to use holder to mount the magnetic sensors for pig detection. Additionally, the newly designed lantern contributes to the new hygienic design.


Pig Stopper 3A

Pig Stopper

Pig Stopper

The construction of the newly developed Pig Stopper 3A conforms to the 3A standard as well. The improved hygienic design is made possible by the new open lantern construction. Adding the new plastic actuator has also simplified the adjustment of the position sensors.

Technical Information:



- 2“OD – 4“OD


Product contact parts  (standard)

- Internals 1.4404

- Inside Ra ≤ 0.8 μm

- Outside blank finish

Non-product contact parts:

- 1.4301

- Surface blank finish


- Standard EPDM (FDA)

- Operating temp. 135° C

- Sterilizing temp. 150° C (short time)

- optional: FKM (FDA), HNBR (FDA))



- Silcone (3A 85-03 certifiedFDA, EU Regulation 1935/2004 food compliance)

- FKM (3A 85-03 certified, FDA, EU Regulation 1935/2004 food compliance)

Operating pressure

- max. 10 bar, for sizes 3”OD and bigger

- max. 16 bar, for sizes 2.5”OD and smaller

Control air
Pig Cleaning Station:- min. 4.8 bar; max. 8 bar
Pig Stopper:- min. 4.2 bar; max. 8 bar

Pig, Silicone

Pig, Silicone & FKM

Pig, FKM