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GEA Tuchenhagen North America
Fuel Ethanol Workshop 06 01 2015 - 06 04 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Tank Cleaning Technology

Better Cleaning. Better Savings. And Better for the Environment.


Ideal for the brewing, food and beverage industries, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, paint and coatings industries.


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With minimal consumption of cleaning fluids, less water is used. Our self-cleaning VARIPURE® orbital and rotating cleaners feature strong mechanical spray patterns for the best cleaning results.  



  • Better cleaning results for a higher quality product
  • An intelligent design that uses fewer parts meaning no mechanical bearings, minimal wear and less spare parts required
  • Shorter clean times meaning more production and less water consumption
  • Less chemicals and waste water used for this process


The standard GEA Tuchenhagen range incorporates the following cleaning types:

  • Orbital Cleaners
  • Rotating Cleaners
  • Static Cleaners

Contact your GEA Tuchenhagen representative today to help you determine the best solution for your sanitary cleaning needs.


Factors to consider for cleaner type selection include:

  • Tank diameter and height
  • CIP pressure
  • CIP consumption and available flow
  • Fermentation lines and other process residue
  • Tank opening diameter and location
  • Obstructions such as agitators, paddles, etc.
  • Detection of rotation
  • Device entry length
  • Spray patterns
  • Connection method – permanent or temporary