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Fuel Ethanol Workshop 06 01 2015 - 06 04 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Accessories for Sanitary Valves

GEA Tuchenhagen offers a comprehensive selection of accessories to enhance a component's capability to meet challenging process conditions.


With only four modular basic components - control module, actuator, valve insert and housing combinations - most of our valves can be configured to optimally respond to any operational requirement of a process plant. They allow for easy integration and optimum piping with shortest possible pipe paths.

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T.VIS P-20 Position Controller for Pneumatic Process Valves Brochure
English, 0.29 MB,  629e, 05/2012
The T.VIS P-20 is a position controller for pneumatic process valves. As a member of the T.VIS control module family, the T.VIS P-20 has the same outer design and allows parameter settings using buttons on the cap.
T.VIS Monitoring Systems for VESTA Sterile Valves Brochure
English, 0.21 MB,  658e, 06/2010
The T.VIS® concept (Tuchenhagen Valve Information System) now complements the pneumatic VESTA® sterile valve series with a smart, modular system for valve monitoring, actuation and control – adapted to the hygienic design of the sterile valve. Download to learn more.
VARINLINE Process Connections Brochure
English, 0.29 MB,  639e, 03/2014
VARINLINE® Process Connections are used for the integration of control and measurement instruments to keep your production process transparent. CIP-/SIP capability was imperative when designing the process connection fittings.
VARIVENT Valve Housings Type VH Brochure
English, 0.14 MB,  645e, 05/2010
GEA Tuchenhagen has developed fully encosed jacketed valve housings to achieve an optimal heat transmission. The innovative design offers the advantage of smooth surfaces which can easily be cleaned.
VESTA Proximity Switch Holder Brochure
English, 0.15 MB,  657e-4, 05/2010
The VESTA® proximity switch holder can be fitted to VESTA® pneumatic actuators. It is prepared with two holes for attaching one proximity switch each. The open and closed valve positions can be indicated. Download to learn more.
VESTA Stroke Limiter/Seal Adjuster Brochure
English, 0.16 MB,  657e-5, 05/2010
The VESTA® stroke limiter is used to limit the stroke of a valve. It is adjustable over the entire stroke range and available in two designs. Download to learn more.