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GEA Tuchenhagen North America
Fuel Ethanol Workshop 06 01 2015 - 06 04 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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About GEA Tuchenhagen

A Global Leader

GEA Tuchenhagen is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of sanitary flow components for the dairy, food/beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries. Components include process valves, valve blocks, in-line process connections and cleaning devices.


Founded in 1931, GEA Tuchenhagen‘s history began with building and overhauling dairies. This business segment rapidly developed into the engineering and manufacturing of key components such as valves, pumps, milk pasteurizers and other products.


Over 40 years ago, founder Otto Tuchenhagen invented the first mixproof valve – a development which immediately allowed plants to be designed and operated in a flexible, sanitary and safe manner at the highest level of efficiency.


In April 2007, in perhaps the greatest breakthrough in US dairy plant design in 25 years, GEA Tuchenhagen’s new 24/7 PMO Valve® became the first mixproof valve to be authorized by the US regulatory authorities to be cleaned while simultaneously processing product. Overnight this valve has changed the way US dairy plants are designed and operated.


Today, we manufacture and supply a wide range of process valves, valve manifolds, in-line measurement and control equipment, cleaning devices, CIP manifolds and pumps.


Additional services including concept design engineering, manifold prefabrication, plant service and customer training are also offered by GEA Tuchenhagen. 


Finally, we demand the highest possible quality in every single component. To achieve this, we employ up-to-date production systems and techniques, constant quality monitoring and, of course, a highly qualified, dedicated team.


GEA Mechanical Equipment

GEA Tuchenhagen is a part of the GEA Mechanical Equipment segment of the GEA Group along with sisters companies GEA Westfalia Separator and GEA Niro Soavi.


As a member of the GEA Group we can draw on the engineering expertise and country-specific market experience of the entire network. As a result, we are able to improve our products continually and drive innovation. this is part of GEA Tuchenhagen's strategy: keeping up with the  market and anticipating trends.